Great One-Pot Meals That Will Give You The Boost You Need

Great One-Pot Meals That Will Give You The Boost You Need

If you are busy with work and home life and don’t have time to cook hearty meals or make lunch for yourself each day, you may find yourself experiencing varying levels of fatigue throughout the day. This is just your body’s way of selling hello, we need something here. There are plenty of supplements that can help you get through the day. These provide different things, for instance, energy, and improvements to hair or nails. If you are looking for a great supplement with energy and mood-boosting qualities, then try Delta 9 THC Gummies

A lot, if not all your nutrition comes from the things you eat. All the foods you consume contain some form of vitamins and nutrients. However, a diet that consists of unhealthy junk food will not give you the same boost as wholesome heartwarming foods. If you are short on time or not too familiar when it comes to cooking then some amazing one-pot dishes will give you what you need. Take a look below for some great meals to give you the energy boost you need. 

Lemon & Oregano Traybake

One of the first dishes on our list is a warming chicken and oregano traybake. With a traybake, everything goes into one big tray and you whack it in the oven. If you are like other people you might want to fry off your chicken in a frying pan first. This would make it a two-pot dish but it is down to personal preference. The best way to do this dish is to season the chicken thighs, throw all the veg you want into the dish with the chicken, and then pour over your stock. To make the stock, you will need chicken stock and white wine. If you don’t want to use the wine, you can switch it for more chicken stock. You can serve this with microwaveable rice or pasta. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

A great classic, this spaghetti bolognese can all be done in one pot. Better yet, you can leave this to cook all day or part of the day in your slow cooker. Slow cookers are fantastic little gadgets that mean you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for hours on end when you are hungry. Throw everything into your slow cooker or casserole pot, season and pour over the recommended stock, and cook for however long you want. It all comes down to how soft you want your spaghetti. 

Beef Stew

Another great classic for a cold, winter’s day, is a beef stew. With this, you can again opt to throw it all in the slow cooker, or a casserole pot. The best dish for a stew or casserole is a Le Crueset. With these pots, you can brown your stew on the hob first before transferring it into the oven. Therefore following tradition with the one-pot theme of this article. If you don’t like beef then you can always swap this out for an alternative. A great alternative could be chicken, lamb, or other meats. 

Chicken Risotto

If you love rice dishes and are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine then why not try a true one-pot dish? A risotto will only ever be done in one pot, great if you want to save on the washing up. Everything goes into a risotto dish, you add the veg, the meat if you’re having any, and then the rice. Slowly add the stock until the rice absorbs it. A risotto will take years to perfect, it can be a tricky dish to master. A risotto can often end up looking like slop on a bowl or plate so garnish it with a basil leaf and perhaps some veg on the side to make it look more appealing. 


A New Orleans Classic one-pot dish, a Jambalaya is similar to a risotto in the sense you add stock to the rice but the flavor is so much more. Throw in all the ingredients, the chicken, the sausage, and the shrimp. Immerse yourself in all the flavors flying around your house from this intense dish. Jambalaya makes for a good winter dish due to the spices used, it is fiery in the heat department. A jambalaya is great as you don’t need any accompaniments with it. 

Pot Roast

Finally, a one-pot roast contains all the ingredients of a roast dinner without the numerous pans to wash up afterward. A roast dinner is beautiful but the washing up that follows is not, this one-pot dish means you can save on the water and the bubbles. Throw it all in, whichever veg you are using, traditionally onions, carrots, and potatoes. Season with a bit of gravy and keep an eye on the liquid levels as it cooks. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and have found some inspiration from our list of yummy one-pot dishes. 

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