foundation hotel detroit review

Grab Brunch or a Drink where They Filmed Real Steel

If you’re attending an event downtown Detroit, or just in the mood for a good meal there’s nothing quite like the drinks and food you can find at the Apparatus Room inside the Foundation Hotel. A quick walk from Cobo Hall (TCF Center or Huntington Center – whatever you call it today), you can grab brunch, a strong cocktail or even burgers before you continue on through the city. With hints left in the architecture, the whole past of this building may not be what you expect.

foundation hotel detroit review

The Foundation Hotel used to be the Detroit Fire Department Headquarters. The red-painted doors, fire hoses, and even the tower to dry fire hoses still hang near the wine cellar today. But while most diners are there to enjoy the locally sourced food, or just catch up with friends – they don’t realize that this was one of the filming locations of the 2011 movie Real Steel. Yes, this former firehouse-turned restaurant is an iconic setting for a robot battle movie. Apparently, Detroit isn’t just home of the Transformers after all!

Hugh Jackman, a former boxer turns into a robot trainer for a fight – and their training gym… is the main level of the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters. You can see hints of the architecture in the clip above. And while the movie may not be on your playlist today – you may want to go back and revisit it.

foundation hotel detroit review

The Apparatus Room has gotten a few updates since the movie was filmed there, but as you dine there – you can still see hints of it. If you’re a fan of the robot battles or even a fan of firehouse history – this is a great place to visit. Remember, you’re sitting and enjoying a space that has movie and local history in it, as it’s creates a new history for itself.

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