Grab a Full English at Speedy’s Cafe just like Sherlock and Watson

Where is Speedy's Cafe from Sherlock?

If it wasn’t for Sherlock, Speedy’s Cafe may not have the international fandom that it does today. The small restaurant only serves breakfast and lunch and closes relatively early in the day. But in the Euston area, it was known well before the BBC series made them a household name. A great spot to stop for a filling meal, or just a snack on your way around town, the restaurant that seats around 20 is a must-visit.

Where is Speedy's Cafe from Sherlock?

If you’re not familiar with Speedy’s – it’s a favorite of both Sherlock and John Watson throughout the series. Partly because it’s right below their flat 221B, but it plays a pivotal role in some episodes. Not only can you see the awning in almost every episode, but in The Abominable Bride, it appears as Speedwells to fit with the time of the episode.

Location really is everything, the door next to Speedy’s is depicted as the entrance of their flat at 221B, even if Baker street is a few blocks away. But it still is there for the perfect fan photo location.

Even if Speedy’s wasn’t one of the easiest locations to find from the show, and has fans flocking to their doors year-round – their food is spectacular and something you should experience if you’re in London. Hope off at the Euston station and walk a couple blocks to this not-so-hidden gem!

If you’re a fan of a good breakfast or a major Sherlock fan, you need to make time to visit Speedy’s. You can currently visit the cafe at 187 N Gower St, Euston Rd, London. Fill up on a delicious meal, grab a mug and a few pictures.


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