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Gorton’s Seafood – Product Review and Giveaway!

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We’ve all grown up with Gorton’s Seafood – I remember having fish sticks for lunch before the school bus picked me up for Kindergarten (no joke). It’s part of our childhood and part of our normal routine now!

I have to admit, I have to be in the  mood for seafood- it doesn’t hit often, but when it does, it’s always a throw back to my childhood. I want fish sticks with cheese and tartar sauce. Unfortunately my allergies have made that harder, since I’m unable to have the breaded fish sticks I grew up with.

So when Gorton’s asked me to do a product review, I was super excited. Did you know they now have un-breaded options – that are *gasp* gluten free?! You can find fish, talapia, salmon and more!

Gorton's Recipe Cards

Gorton’s even sent me they great recipe cards with ideas of what to make. Simple recipes we can all make and enjoy!

So when I told my boyfriend what I was going to get, and asked him what he wanted he said “Fish sticks”… I think, he’s got that childhood throw back too!

So I went out and got something for me – but also for him, his fish sticks.

gorton's Fish Sticks

Now, if it didn’t get much better – when I asked him what he wanted for lunch last weekend – he said “fish sticks and macaroni and cheese”… again, nothing I can have – but it’s not often he gets this around the house so I was more than happy to make it for him.

Fishsticks and Mac & cheese

You should have seen the look of excitement on his face when I brought him his plate – “fish sticks and mac and cheese and it’s not even Friday!” – which btw- today is the last Friday of Lent! Don’t forget your fish! 🙂

I don’t think it was five minutes and his plate was cleared. He loved how crispy the fish sticks were and loved his whole meal. I honestly loved how easy of a lunch it was to make too!

One thing that usually keeps me from making fish in the house is the lingering smell. We all know the fish hangs around awhile. I was very happy that I didn’t have that issue in our house.

He’s pleased as can be at the amount of fish in the house now – and I like that its something we both can have!

Now here’s the exciting part for you – Gorton’s is allowing me to give THREE of you two free product coupons! Check out their Recipe Galley to find out what you can make with them when you win!

You can find Gorton’s on Facebook, Twitter or even subscribe to their e-newsletter (they have a lot of giveaways – go do it!)

Don’t know where to find Gorton’s near you? Find the nearest place that sells Gorton’s!

Gorton's Grilled Salmon

Look – at all the non-breaded options now. Do you know what that means? It means Gluten Free options too! If you love fish and miss having your classic Gorton’s – this is great news for us all!

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You can also enter their Fisherman’s Friday Sweepstakes! Prizes will be awarded weekly!

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26 thoughts on “Gorton’s Seafood – Product Review and Giveaway!

  1. Thats funny I just had this last night. But mine was in the form of a sandwich. yummy. Thanks for the awesome review and giveaway.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway for Gorton’s Food coupons. My family and I enjoy eating them.

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