April Fandom of the Month Box

Go Inside Narnia with April’s Fandom of the Month Box #Fandomofthemonth

April Fandom of the Month BoxI always squeal like a little kid when I get my Fandom of the Month Club box. Each month I get a three to five dorky pieces of jewelry, and so far none of the boxes have disappointed me. It’s hard for me to do unboxing videos because I’m prone to just tear into the box and finding out what the theme is always so exciting.

April Fandom of the Month BoxThis month, my Fandom of the Month Club box showed up in it’s typical fashion – a small box with an owl on the outside. When I first opened the box I found the clue card and the magnet on top.The magnet alone was enough of a clue to what I would find inside – Aslan! Narnia! That mythical world of talking animals, fauns, witches and more.

April Fandom of the Month BoxI’ve always been a huge fan of lions, so my favorite items are the Aslan magnet and the lion through earrings. Followed of course by the wardrobe necklace that actually opens up to show you a glimpse of snowy Narnia and the lamp post. The bracelet shows different scenes from the books of the Chronicles of Narnia, and everything together is geeky greatness.

April’s Fandom of the Month box quickly went up to the top of my favorites list so far. And I can’t wait to see what we get next month. For only $13 a month, this is a great little gift to myself every month and I get excited to see what the surprise theme is each time I open a box.

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