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Go Anywhere With Just A Carry On! (Essential Space Saving Packing Tips)

Ever had the privilege of lugging a cumbersome and unwieldy case through the airport when you go on vacation? Well, even if you do manage to dodge the little kids sitting on the floor, or negotiate past all the sunglasses stands that look ripe to fall over, you’ll probably get landed with a whopping extra baggage charge once you reach check-in. The good news is you don’t have to go through such a rigmarole every time you want to fly. In fact, with the space-saving packing tips you can find below all you’ll need is a single carry on. 

Get the right bag 

It’s not just what you pack in the bag that matters here, but the bag itself as well. In fact, there are a who range of bags like the Cabin Zero 28L classic, the Evergood CPL24 designed solely to be carry on size, so allowing you to breeze through check-in. 

Of course, it’s worth doing a little research on which will suit your needs best before you invest. Something that you can find out more about here.

Digitize as much as you can 

We live in a digital age, and that means if you are trying to travel light, there really is no excuse to pack any tech apart from your smartphone. After all, you can use it to take pictures, create a travel journal, communicate with people at home, and even for apps that can make parts of your trip easy to negotiate like maps. 

To that end, unless it’s absolutely necessary they really shouldn’t be a laptop in your bag, or a separate digital camera either. In fact, many smartphones now have cameras so sophisticated that they leave anything but a DSLR in the dust! 

Shrink the rest 

Now, you’ve dealt with your digital stuff, it’s time to confront the rest. Of course, anything that can create more space in your bag by attaching onto your one piece of digital equipment like this phone wallet is a great idea. It’s also something that can help to stop you from losing your hotel keys as well, which is always a significant advantage when traveling. 

When it comes to clothes, it really is all about quality over quantity here. In fact, with just a few pieces of well-made clothing created from natural materials, you can layer effectively for any climate from cold to hot. Of course, the natural fibers means that such pieces won’t just be comfortable to wear, but will dry quickly too. Something that means washing and wearing while traveling is just as easy as packing heaps of clothes. 

Throw away your toiletries 

Yes, that right just go and chuck them in the bin! Why? Well, because they are a pain in the bum to get the right size to go through security, and unless you have a very specific need or are going to the back of beyond, everywhere has soap! Therefore it just makes so much more sense to buy toiletry basics when you arrive at your destination. Something that will save plenty of space in your carry on for other travel essentials, no matter where you are headed.  

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