Bavarian Inn Restaurant Review

Gluten Free Dining at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Whenever my German class would take a trip to Frankenmuth, we’d buzz through the downtown area. I only recall a little time for lunch and maybe some shopping. In that time, my friends and I usually opted to grab a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and hang out. Only once do I remember hopping into the Bavarian Inn for some of the World Famous Chicken – but that was what seems like forever ago.

Bavarian Inn Restaurant ReviewWhile I was in Frankenmuth a couple weeks ago, I was invited to visit the Bavarian Inn Restaurant and enjoy dinner there. My first concern of course was the menu options – as I recalled, the chicken was breaded. But while Frankenmuth keeps its old world charm, it has stayed with the times and not only offers a gluten free menu, but a vegetarian as well as smaller options for children. The gluten free options offer their traditional chicken (baked and unbreaded), burgers, soup, chili and even salads. Your meal also comes with two sides, as well as ice cream at the end!

Bavarian Inn Restaurant ReviewThe meal was good, and while I opted for the chicken dinner – you can get more traditional German dishes as well. All of the menu items are prepared with old family recipes and you can always order schnitzel if that’s what you are craving. But knowing that guests may want more of the experience instead of the food – more traditional meal options like steak and fish are also on the menu. No matter how good a meal is, the fear of cross contamination is always on my mind, and I’m happy to report that even with breaded items, bread and other gluten filled fair – my meal was handled with care and I didn’t have any problems at all!

Bavarian Inn Restaurant ReviewIn an old German styled building, with a glockenspiel outside and heavy wood beams inside – the Bavarian Inn Restaurant hints at the old world charm that Frankenmuth is known for. We scheduled our visit to the area on Father’s day, thinking that the city and restaurant would not be as busy as heavier tourist times. Instead, we were greeted with a packed restaurant with a few guests waiting and a full house inside. We thankfully had a reservation, so waiting was not an issue for us. If you plan on visiting any of the restaurants in Frankenmuth, a reservation is highly recommended!

Besides the delicious food, that I could only describe as comfort food, we were treated to a warm welcome by waiter. I give all of the serving staff credit for wearing traditional outfits including lederhosen. All of our meal was served with a smile, which made the meal that much better!

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