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Gluten Free Desserts Made Easy with Tastefully Simple

tastefully simple gluten freeHosting any meal can be stressful, but figuring out what to do about a guest who has food allergies can be a problem. Thankfully with some ingredients you already have on hand and some mixes from Tastefully Simple you can have gluten free snacks and dips on hand in no time. It helps take the stress out of preparing your holiday feast, and will be a nice surprise for your guests as well.

tastefully simple gluten freeTastefully Simple sent me a selection of their gluten free mixes and food to try out. This includes their Cinnamon Bun Caramel Corn, Fudgy Peanut Butter Popcorn, Oatmeal Cookies, Beer Bread, Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix, Pumpkin Spice Cheese Ball Mix, Pound Cake Mix, Pretzel breading and Sriracha Ranch Dip. The amount of gluten free options actually surprised me, but not as easy as it was to make them!

tastefully simple gluten freeTo start out I tried making the Oatmeal Cookie mix. All I had to add to the mixture was a stick of softened butter and one egg, everything else was in the mix. The box said the mix will make 21 cookies, and even with my large disher and eating some of the dough as I made it – I still had 21 medium sized cookies when I was done. I decided to go with the the softer bake option, since finding softer cookies is harder to do for gluten free options. Because of the size of the cookies, I had to split them onto two different cookie sheets, the ones on the lower rack actually overcooked and the bottoms burnt. My suggestion would be to keep them on the top rack to prevent over cooking.

tastefully simple gluten freeEverything we’ve tried so far from Tastefully Simple has been great and only required us to include a couple ingredients from our fridge to make. The ease to make any of the mix even on a day to day basis takes away any stress or mess of pulling all the ingredients together by scratch. It’s helpful when you want to make a quick snack or meal, but don’t want all of the work making everything from scratch would take.

We have saved a few of the mixes to share with our guests when we host them this holiday season, and it helps check a couple more recipes off my list and free up more time to share with my guests. Tastefully Simple carries 12 different gluten free options that can help you from the beginning of your meal to surprising a gluten free guest with dessert!

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