Glo-Wubble Bounces and Flies Through the Dark! #glowubble

glo-wubble review

glo-wubble reviewThis past week we’ve had a warm up that is unheard of in November here. We’ve broken weather records, and that means some great quality time outside, and had the new Glo-Wubble to play with. Wubble sent us the Glo-Wubble to check out and review. In the past we’ve reviewed the Wubble and the WubbleX, and while the Glo-Wubble is similar to the original Wubble – there is one glowing difference!

glo-wubble reviewWhen you first get a Glo-Wubble, similar to the original, it has everything you need in one box. You will just have to get 4 D batteries to use the pump to blow it up. The Glo-Wubble has an almost sticky texture when you remove it from the bag initially, but as it stretches out that will go away. The sticky type feeling also makes the Glo-Wubble prone to picking up cat hair, dust or any bit of fuzz on the floor or ground as you bounce it. But it is easy to clean it off with a quick rinse of cold water.

glo-wubble reviewTo inflate your Glo-Wubble you have to insert nozzle¬†into Glo-Wubble. This seems like it should be relatively easy to do, and getting it in the Glo-Wubble is easy, but it wont go all the way in without using the provided petroleum jelly to help it slide in easily. Trust me, I’ve tried several times! glo-wubble reviewOnce you’re sure it’s in all of the way, attach it to the pump and turn it on. Your Glo-Wubble should begin to get larger and will be 3 feet wide when it’s done. Unfortunately, mine didn’t want to fill at first and required a lot of readjusting to get it to inflate. But once the positioning is right, the Glo-Wubble started to get larger and larger, and was full in only a few minutes.

glo-wubble reviewLike it’s name suggests, the Glo-Wubble actually glows in the dark. And since it’s getting darker earlier and earlier, it’s the prefect time to play with it! We found that the Glo-Wubble glows the best after it’s soaked up sun light, which is a bit counter-intuitive for a glowing toy. I let our Glo-Wubble soak in the sun for a couple hours before I knew it was going to get dark, and it was ready to go as soon as the sun set!

glo-wubble reviewThe Glo-Wubble does a lot more than just glow, it’s super light weight and can be tossed, poked and even bounce. It’s essentially a giant bouncy ball that you or your kids can toss back and forth and play with for hours. And when you’re done, you can deflate it and put it back in it’s box to play with again later. It’s soft, so if even if you toss it hard at someone they wont get hurt while playing with it, and it stays inflated for hours!

You can find the Glo-Wubble on Amazon, the Wubble Website and at Toys-R-Us! Your kids will love playing with their own giant glowing bubble!

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