Montana RV Tour

Glamping and Escaping – How Staying in an RV May Change How Your Camping Experience

For many, the idea of camping is filled with dirt, bugs and cold nights. But for others – it’s a great escape. If it’s in a tent, a camper or an RV, camping can be a great get away and from your day to day life. It can give you access to places you’ve never been to before and a place to retreat.

We’re huge fans of deep woods camping in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Yes, far enough north that cell and satellite service doesn’t even reach us, and where bear and moose wander the woods around you. It’s dirty, relaxing and a great place we love to go to disconnect. But without electricity and plumbing, our place of retreat, really only lasts a week for all of us.

Montana RV Tour

This summer, I was given a different look at camping – and one that for me has always seen a bit out of reach due to the idea that it would just cost too much. I was invited to stay as a guest of GoRving and General RV and try out RV living for a few days. Our stay in the Montana RV changed our views on camping and why we may consider getting (or renting) an RV for future trips and camping.

Unlike our other camping trips in the past, our stay in Montana gave us a bit of luxury. We weren’t sleeping on an air mattress inches away from the dirt. Instead, queen sized beds and fresh linens were waiting for us. A full kitchen will stainless steel appliances and a gas stove and oven were waiting and a living room that not only allowed us to relax but host guests during our stay with comfort and easy.

Montana RV Tour

The Montana RV seemed like it was instantly something that would be out of our price point and something we could not afford, but since it was a fifth wheel (a trailer that requires a truck to pull it) the pricing was actually more affordable. Coming in under $53,000 – it doubles as a second home – and that’s where the real magic was. Yes, you could finance the RV if you wanted to, and the payment often are around $300 a month. Since an RV can qualify as a second home – you can write it off on your taxes that way. That part actually blew my mind.

Montana RV Tour
The “basement” provides a huge amount of storage!

Not every RV has to be as large or as expensive as the Montana was, there are some that you can actually pull behind small sedans and take with you, and you can still get them financed. But what they offer you is a taste of luxury, a bit of home wherever you go – and the security that you know where you’ll be sleeping when you are on the road. It really is like bringing your house with you and you can glamp wherever you want.

It didn’t take long, but just a few days staying in an RV, and having a place to shower and comfortable bed every night changed how I want to camp. We wouldn’t be able to pull something the size of the Montana down the trails we like camping off, but as our family continues to grow, offering a place like an RV to retreat to sounds more and more appealing.

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