Give Your Plants the Light They Need No Matter Where You Live

House Plant Grow Light Review

This time of year is one of the hardest if you live in the northern states or the Midwest. Our gardens are long packed up, we de have moved some of our plants inside against the cold weather. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love to have plants, or them growing in our home.

House Plant Grow Light Review

Moving tropical or even other house plants inside can bring a whole new list of issues for your plants, and this year we’re tackling them with a great gift idea from – a growing lamp. Not only does this lamp make sure that our plants get the right amount of light that they would need to survive, but it gives it the spectrum of light they prefer. It’s not just leaving the light on the room that matters, it’s giving it the right amount of light and the right kind all day.

House Plant Grow Light Review

The versatile floor lamp from Hydrofarm® is ideal for tall houseplants. Its flexible neck allows you to target the light in just the right direction, while the energy-efficient LED bulb provides the optimal, full-spectrum light that keeps plants healthy and thriving.

Packaged in a small box, the floor lamp comes in three pieces that need to be slide together. The hardest part of assembling the lamp is snapping together the bottom cords to the top and sliding them into place. No tools are required in this quick and easy assembly. And when you are done, your plants have a light that will give them what they need, and you have a grow lamp that can easily fit into your décor.

House Plant Grow Light Review

The Agrobrite Floor LED Plant Lamp has a simple yet sleek design, and is substantial in size. Reaching up to 61 inches tall as needed for your plant, and with a sturdy base, the lamp weighs over 11 lbs. This means it wont be easy to knock over and will be durable no matter what life throws at it.

With an ease of use and simple design, it fit quickly into our space and helps keep some of our favorite house plants alive through these colder months. And while at this point, the plant lamp is just being used to keep our Fig plant going through the winter we can easily see it being used to help us start our seeds for our gardens in the spring.


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