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FreshPet Review

FreshPet ReviewWhen we have a meal, we expect it to be fresh and delicious. The majority of the time our meals don’t come out of a box and we eat it as it is. And we don’t tend to same meal every day, all day. So why do we expect our pets to? Yes, their kibble has the nutritional balance they need, but have you ever noticed your cat trying to steal some of your food? Our Jack is notorious for trying to eat our food, and has even recently been caught stealing summer squash from the counter. He likes more variety – and while a lot of cats are picky eaters, we have a hard time finding things he wont eat.

FreshPet ReviewLike every cat owner, trying a new food out with your pets can be hard to do. My older girl Godiva is extremely picky and wont touch anything that may have looked at a chicken once in its life. FreshPet sent us a couple coupons to try out their cat food. And as odd as it sounds, we found them right in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. They had a small cooler section for pet food, and while the selection of cat products weren’t as abundant as dogs (maybe due to their pickiness), they had a roasted chicken and vegetable one for us to try out.

Fresh Pet ReviewJack loves food. Jack is a boy, and we’re pretty sure he’s part dog. But as soon as we got out the FreshPet cat food he started singing for it. It was still cold from being in the refrigerator – but that doesn’t bother him in the least. He instantly licks his cat lips and goes after it. Inside the FreshPet Roasted Chicken Meal is chicken, spinach and carrots with other minerals and other goodies. He absolutely loves when I pull the bag out of the fridge and give him some as a treat. Unfortunately, Godiva doesn’t feel the same – so I fill her plate with another treat and give it to her at the same time and she’s thrilled.

You can find Fresh Pet Cat Food at different pet stores and even at your grocery store. They have a variety of different food options for your pets including horse food to weight gain. Fresh is best for us, and if they’re not a food snob – which by my math you have a 50/50 chance – they’re going to love it!



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