Give them Unique and Fun Treats for the Holiday with Fiddlesticks

fiddlesticks review

It doesn’t matter how old you are – we all love the treats we can get when Easter rolls around. Yes, you can can get the same ol’ same old candy that you quickly pick up at the drug store, or you can find something a litte different.

This year our Easter baskets have been kicked up a bit with custom suckers that we were sent from Fiddlestix Candy Company! A company that believes in sharing life’s little moments with those you love no matter how small.

fiddlesticks review

Their suckers are hand made and inside the center of each one is a printed design or message of your choosing. Don’t worry, it is printed on a sugar based paper that just adds a little bit of fun to your sucker as you enjoy it. It’s completely edible and also adorable!

They sent us a selection of their Easter suckers in their Lemon Meringue Pie flavor sucker with cute flower and bunny designs inside. The flavor is fresh and zesty but not overpowering. The only problem we had was unwrapping them quietly so no one else tried to steal them as we enjoyed them!

You can check out the different ones offered or order your own designs and ones for your special occasion from Fiddlestix Candy Company on their website. But they’re perfect for changing up that Easter Basket this year!


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