Petosky stone clock review

Give Them a Piece of Michigan History for the Holidays #Christmascountdown

Petosky Stone Clock Review
If you’ve lived in Michigan your whole life, you have no doubt heard of Petoskey stones. Heck, we even have city named after them. But not everyone knows what Petoskey stones are, or the history behind them. Hidden beneath the surface of the beautiful polished stone are fossils of rugose coral, a hexagonal coral from the Devonian Period (about 419 Million years ago). The prehistoric fossils have shown up in stones along the shores of Lake Michigan, and were named after an Ottawa Indian Chief Pet-O-Sega. Over the years, the stones have become extremely valuable and sought after, and it’s a lot harder to find any on the beach.

Petosky Stone Clock Review

But even though the stones are hard to find, there are places you can get them. They are beautiful in jewelry, artwork, wine stoppers or even larger ones for clocks. Grandpa Shorter’s is a small boutique shop up in Petoskey, Michigan and offer a wide variety of Michigan related items including several made out of Petoskey stones. They sent me one of their mini-quartz Petoskey clocks to review for the holidays. It came wrapped nicely in a branded box, to make sure it would make the trip down state.

Petosky Stone Clock Review

While the front of the clock shows the beauty of the Petoskey stone, with the high gloss bringing out the fossil’s details. But the back of the clock shows the rough cut of the stone that it originated from. It does have a small access spot where you can remove the inset clock face and set the time and replace the batteries. It is easy to remove and use. Once the lock is set the analog time moves smoothly.

The Petoskey Stone clocks are beautifully made and a great statement piece in your office or on a desk. It’s a beautiful piece of Michigan history and a great gift idea. They start at around $30 and can fit in any budget for the holiday season.

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