Give them a Fun Way to Sharpen Their Pencils with an Amazeko Ice Cream Truck

amazeko pencil sharpener review

amazeko pencil sharpener review

Decades have passed, and school products haven’t changed that much. You can still find the same style of pencils and tools on the shelves that were there when we were kids. Sure, there are some updated styles but it’s the same product you had in your backpack as well. If you look beyond the shelves of the store you may find a couple new items that you just need to have for your kids that can actually make it a bit easier to get them to do their homework.

One of our favorites this year is the Amazeko Ice Cream Truck pencil sharpener. Sure, you can get a regular pencil sharpener at any store but one that can keep them entertained while they do homework. Not only does the pencil sharpener work to keep their pencils sharp but when powered on (with the included batteries) it not only lights up and plays songs just like an ice cream truck.

Not only does Amazeko offer a fun ice cream truck pencil sharpener, but they offer it in a police car and a fire truck as well. Get them to do their homework, but a fun desk accessory for your home office or their homework area.


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