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Give Mom Unique Memories with GingerSnapCrate + Giveaway

gingersnapcrate reviewIf you’re anything like me, you’re taking picture all the time, and it’s not always with my camera. My phone is used to capture moments on our trips, cute things, things Goonie is doing, and other random moments of life that happen too quick to pull out my camera. And what happens to all of the pictures? Usually they’re uploaded to the cloud where they sit… forever. I don’t tend to get them printed, long gone are the days of the photo album, and unless it’s a very specific photo I want – I don’t do anything with them at all. So what are we doing with our images? Other than creating a digital hoard that we may look back through some day? Are we enjoying those memories or just saving them for a rainy day? What if there was a way you could enjoy your favorite moments and memories in a new and surprising way each month? Well – there is now! GingerSnapCrate!

gingersnapcrate reviewThere seems to be a ton of new and great options for subscription boxes on the market right now. I have a few I absolutely love, but until I was approached by GingerSnapCrate, I didn’t know a service like this was an option. They offered me one of their boxes to review, and I sent them 6 images from events and moments last year. How does GingerSnapCrate work? Each month you upload your images to the site and just wait. That’s it! Their team will take your images and put them into items you can use around the house, bags, artwork, and even gift-able items. Once GingerSnapCrate had my images, I just had to sit back and wait. I honestly had no idea what they would be sending me, and was interested to see the outcome.

gingersnapcrate reviewInside my GingerSnapCrate box were 8 different items created from the 6 images I sent them, and two more items that work with them as accessories. Digging through the box was a lot of fun and it was interesting to see what I would pull out next. We had polaroid style magnets, photo stands, photo strips, a calendar, a flower pot mug, thank you cards, a bag and even framed artwork. The variety was amazing and some items are things I never would have thought of myself.

gingersnapcrate reviewLike every box of goodies, there are some favorite items and some that are just ok. For me I would say that the Thank You cards seemed a bit weird with the blend of images. It could be for me that the two images were a different moment in time and they didn’t seem to belong together. Also, the framed art work – while I absolutely love the saying on it “If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it” – I’m not thrilled that the saying covers up Cinderella’s castle in the image. I’m currently at a love hate love relationship with this image and can’t decide where I’ll finally land on the final decision.

gingersnapcrate reviewOut of all of the items in the box though, two items were big winners. I love the flower pot mug that used an image of the flowers I took on a photography hike last year in Arizona and the mag with the fireworks display at Disneyland. The bag is probably my absolute favorite because the designer took the time to use a Disney type font and put “Life is Magical” as well as adding some fun starbursts. The bag is something I’d want done again on a more sturdy fabric in the future, since I’m sure I’ll probably use this one until it falls apart.

I was happy to see the variety inside the GingerSnapCrate box I was sent and while not every item was a win for me, they were still well done. I love subscription boxes, but this one goes a step further with the personal touch on every item since it’s your own photo.

GingerSnapCrate is running a Mother’s Day special for my readers were you can save 20% on a 3 month membership by using the promo code MOMMY. Be sure to check out their Box and Crate for this deal! Try out the Minibox or try a longer subscription and mention Week99er for a free custom Grocery Tote!

That’s not all GingerSnapCrate is doing for Mother’s Day – they want one of my readers to try out one of their boxes for Mother’s Day and preserve their digital memories on things they’ll actually use. Read how you can enter to win a GingerSnapCrate box below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. What is your favorite thing about GingerSnapCrate? Who would you give this to if you won? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

23 thoughts on “Give Mom Unique Memories with GingerSnapCrate + Giveaway

  1. I love that the items are personalized with my photos and they are a surprise! If I win, I’m giving this to my mom who always makes sure I’m taken care of. I want to give back to her!

  2. I love the Thank You cards. I would give them to my daughter who is getting married soon, to send out for the gifts they get.

  3. I like how the site decides what they can do with the photos you upload. It sounds like it would be fun to see what they come up with.

  4. I like all the different ways to show off your pictures and I would share it with my Mom most likely! She’s crafty.

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