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Give Back to the Detroit Zoo with Outback Steakhouse +  Gift Card  Giveaway! #OutbackZooNight

Sometimes there’s nothing better than going out for a nice dinner – except of course, when part of the bill total goes to help out something you love. In Detroit we’re extremely lucky to have a great zoo in our area, and next week you can help support the Detroit Zoo by taking your friends and family out to eat!

The Detroit Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit, even in the winter months. I love going to the polar bear exhibit and watching them play in the water and even sit on the walkway above you. So making sure they have the funding to keep their doors open for future generations is a great cause.

This year Metro Detroit Outback Steakhouse locations are inviting you to have dinner, hang out with friends and family and 15% of your total bill will go towards the Detroit Zoological Society! How cool is that? Enjoy a great meal and give back to a great local attraction. Check out the event information below!

Detroit Zoological Society Logo

Outback Hosts Detroit Zoological Society Give Back Night Fundraiser
When: Thursday, November 6th, 2014
Where: Detroit Outback Restaurants
Time: Open until 10pm (check your local Outback for hours)Outback invites you to join them at any Detroit area Outback Steakhouse location for the Detroit Zoological Society Give Back Night fundraiser. Relax and enjoy the fresh flavors at Outback and they’ll proudly donate 15% of your total check to the Detroit Zoo!

Just say “Zoo Night!” to your server!

Print out the flyer below and take it in to your local Outback location for a great dinner out and give 15% back to the Detroit Zoo! (some locations open for lunch)

Outback Steakhouse Detroit Zoo Give Back Flyer
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Detroit Zoo Give Back Event

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To get you talking about the Outback Give’s Back event – The Detroit Zoo is giving one lucky reader a $20 Outback Gift card! Make sure you follow the rules to win it below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post! You can comment daily so who your favorite zoo attraction is or what your favorite thing to order at Outback is!  If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

306 thoughts on “Give Back to the Detroit Zoo with Outback Steakhouse +  Gift Card  Giveaway! #OutbackZooNight

  1. My favorite item to order at Outback is their Perfectly Grilled Salmon. I love having this with their Fresh Steamed Broccoli and Seasoned Rice with aside salad. This is my favorite dinner 🙂

  2. When my family and I go to Outback I usually order the Outback Special with a house salad w/ ranch dressing and a sweet potato! Thank you!!

  3. My favorite attraction at the zoo is the big cats like the lions, tigers, jaguars, snow leopards, etc.

  4. I don’t think I have ever been to outback steakhouse! But my favorite part of the Zoo would have to be the Koalas, Also, at the San Diego zoo I loved seeing the Vultures! it’s amazing how big they really are!

  5. It has been so long since I’ve been that I don;; know what the menu is anymore. Always loved the blooming onion though.

  6. I haven’t been to Outback in awhile but when I did go they had wonderful steamed vegetables!! Yummy!!

  7. Sometimes when I go to the Outback I order Alice Springs Chicken without mushrooms with sweet potato or steamed vegetables!!

  8. My favorite dish to order at Outback is their Perfectly Grilled Salmon. I love pairing it with their fresh steamed broccoli, rice and salad. 🙂

  9. I love the blue cheese pecan chopped signature side salad so much that I order it entree sized with grilled chicken pretty much every time we eat at Outback. I also really love the Hearts of Gold Mahi Mahi.

  10. I like to order the regular sirloin steak, but if they’re having a special like steak and lobster or steak and crab then I’m all over that.

  11. My favorite thing order is the small (Victorian) Fillet with a glass of red wine. My favorite attraction at zoos would be the Lions or the Polar Bears.

  12. My favorite thing to order at Outback is a steak. My favorite attraction at the zoo would be just about everything. I love zoo animals! The bears, gorillas, felines…they are all wonderful to watch.

  13. My favorite item to oder at Outback is their Perfectly Grilled Salmon. I pair it with fresh steamed broccoli, rice and a salad. So good! 🙂

  14. our favorite attraction at the zoo would be the monkeys, they are so silly sometimes, i havent been to outback but i heard the blooming onion is to die for.

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