unique Girl's night Ideas

Girls Night Ideas You Didn’t Think of Yet

No one knows you as well as your best girl friend. You may have met in elementary school, in college or even at work. But she’s always there when you need her when you her, and will always pick up the phone when you call. As busy as life gets, you may not be able to get together as often as you want, but you value every moment you have together.

But are you sick of just going to the same places whenever you get together? Are you looking for something new to do to create more memories with your best gal pal? We have a great list of Girl’s Night Out (or days) that you may not have even thought of for your last outing, but you’re going to want to add to your next girls trip!

Find an Insta Worthy Venue for Unforgettable Photos

unique Girl's night Ideas

From the iconic purple wall at Walt Disney World to the Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles. There are so many different places you can go to for these great iconic shots. Not only will you get great memories for years to come (and they will show up in your timeline each year as a great reminder), but you’re going to end up laughing the day away.

Don’t have one of these Instagram themed places near you? Check for local pop ups in your mall, or even find great mural art in your area to take the perfect group photos

Plan an Adventure Together – Even if it’s Not Far Away

unique Girl's night Ideas

Sometimes all you need is a break from reality and to spend some quality time with your girlfriends. It may be time to book that weekend away, and get away with your girls. It could be a trip to the beach, a scrapbooking weekend, a trip to see your favorite band together or even a cruise with your friends. You’ll never regret these trips and will want to book your next one immediately.

Hit the Micro-Brewery Scene

unique Girl's night Ideas

Around here, Micro Breweries are popping up every other week. Each with their own custom drink and brews, you can try different beers at each location. Even if beer isn’t your thing, check out their hard cider options and even great food options for your dinner or just to munch on.

Plan a Brunch Date out of Town

unique Girl's night Ideas

You’ve been to the same brunch place over and over again. Which is fine, but sometimes you hear of another place to try out. Yes, you may have to drive a little bit but finding a new – just for you – brunch location is absolutely worth it. With a change of menu as well venue, you may have it as a nice little getaway location for you and your pack of friends.

Attend a Painting Party

unique Girl's night Ideas

We’ve all seen the signs for the Painting with a Twist type venues. Sip some wine, try your hand at creating the painting of the night. It may not come out to be a masterpiece, but you will be able to create something fun with your friends. Be on the lookout for some fun movie themed painting classes you can take with your friends – you may be inspired to pick up the paint brush a bit more.

Watch The Snow Fall While Inside Your Own Igloo

unique Girl's night Ideas
Photoe Courtesy The Watergate Hotel

Over the last few years there have been a bunch of igloos popping up in colder cities. from rooftops to bars and even restaurants, you can reserve an igloo with your besties to have dinner in. It may be cold outside but you can let the snow fall around you as you have drinks or a meal. Want to try the latest in hard cider? Visit Blakes for dinner and drinks in their igloos this winter, or head downtown and sit at the foot of the Spirit of Detroit and grab a mug of cocoa.

Go to a Tasting Event at a Tequila Bar

unique Girl's night Ideas

Not all tasting events have to be at wineries. Did you know that you and your girlfriends can go to a Tequila bar and taste the menu there too? Even there isn’t a tequila bar near you – head up to your local high end Mexican restaurant and see if they offer this service. Grab some food, get a flight and enjoy a night of great drinks and even better food.

Do a Food Trail Together

unique Girl's night Ideas

This may be one of my favorite things that has happened in the past few years – food trails! Get in the car and start hopping around to different locations on the list and try a bit of food at each place. Not only are you helping out a lot of small businesses along the way – but you can even make a game of it. From Taco trails, ice cream trails and oh yes – even donut trails, there are countless variations on this fun foodie day trip that you’re going to love doing with your friends!

Head to the Movies With Your Favorite Girls

Your best girl friends have been there with you through thick and thin – and sometimes it’s just kicking back and spending time together that you need. And the perfect one to check out that’s all about those important relationships is Like a Boss. Through thick and thin and the changes life throws at them – these girls are always there supporting each other and the movie will have you laughing with your girlfriends.


About Like a Boss:

Best friends Mia and Mel (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living their best lives running their own cosmetics company they’ve built from the ground up. Unfortunately, they’re in over their heads financially, and the prospect of a big buyout offer from a notorious titan of the cosmetics industry Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) proves too tempting to pass up, putting Mel and Mia’s lifelong friendship in jeopardy. The beauty business is about to get ugly. LIKE A BOSS also stars Billy Porter, Jennifer Coolidge, Ari Graynor, Natasha Rothwell, Jessica St. Clair and Karan Soni.

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