Gifts Gardeners Will Love

Gifts Gardeners Will Love

Gardeners prefer practical gifts like garden tools, watering aids, and gardening supplies. If holiday gift shopping makes you feel like a grinch, don’t despair. Those gardeners on your shopping list are easy to please. They would be happy with practical gardening gifts, which are usually available via catalog or on-line. In most cases, gifts for gardeners are affordable. Here are a few suggestions

Gardening Organizers

Help that gardener get organized. A gardener’s tool belt or gardening apron with roomy pockets would be a great gardening gift. So would a vivid, heavy-duty, plastic trug to hold hand tools and gardening supplies.

Gardeners find hanging organizers are very handy. Made of heavy cloth or plastic, these fit over a door or on a clothes hanger. Garden journals and notebooks are two convenient ways for gardeners to organize photos, clippings, gardening notes, and the like.

Watering Aids

Most any kind of watering aid is welcome. These include everything from hoses to watering cans. When choosing a water hose for a gift, buy a high quality, non-kinking brand. Hoses now come in a rainbow of appealing colors. Recoiling types have become extremely popular. Trickle hoses are an excellent choice as they save water.

Garden Tools as Holiday Gifts

So far as garden tools are concerned, ergonomically designed ones are much easier to use. Radius NRG is one brand. Their tools remain rust-free despite years of heavy use. In addition, the iridescent lime-green handles mean they won’t get lost in the garden.

Gardeners find that pole pruners are very useful. These minimize the need for ladders when pruning trees and tall shrubs.

Pots and Planters

For those with container gardens, pots and planters make excellent gifts. When garden space is limited, the best choices by far are space-saving ones, such as strawberry jars, two-tier topiary planters, and stacking pots.

Gifts for Indoor Gardeners

Indoor gardeners have special needs. For starters, a light meter makes it possible to know whether their plants are receiving enough sun.

Consider all-purpose, indoor plant fertilizers for gifts. These are available in various forms. Examples include ready-to-use liquids, liquid concentrates, soluble granules, and spikes. Formulations for specific kinds of plants are often available.

A set of indoor garden tools would be great for a novice indoor gardener. A stylish indoor watering jug is very helpful too.


Gardeners can never get enough of these. New plants or bulbs are always needed. If you’re unsure which kind to buy, just purchase a gift certificate from the gardener’s favorite nursery or seed company so he/she can select appropriate ones.

Gardening Services as Gifts

When one’s budget allows, some sort of gardening service makes a very welcome gift. This is an excellent choice for a gardener who is facing physical challenges. Perhaps that gardener needs to have the garden mulched or tilled. The trees and shrubs might require a proper pruning. For those who have recently moved, the services of a garden designer are well worth the money.

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