Peanuts Pet Toys

Gifts for your Furry Friends – Peanuts Dog Toys!

Peanuts Dog Toys

We don’t want to leave out some of our favorite family members when we’re shopping this year. All year long our cats and dogs give us love unconditionally. I don’t know what I’d do without our fur balls. So we always like to give them something to play with or a special treat of their own.

This year Peanuts has released special Pet Products exclusively at Petsmart for your furry friends! They sent us a couple for our girls to test out and review. From a big and fluffly Charlie Brown, to snoopy and Woodstock dog toy rings, the girls have had fun wrestling and playing with them. With them only costing $5.99 (for the smaller toys) and up to $13.99 – they make great gifts for the fur covered family members in your house. One of our favorite things – no hard parts for them to hurt themselves on! Now, the question is how long they will last with three Shih Tzus!

Peanuts Pet Toys are sold at Petsmart stores and!

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