father's day gift ideas at macys

Gift Ideas for the Dad on Your List #Fathersday

father's day gift ideas at macysOne of the biggest challenges I have every year is finding the right gift for the guys in our lives. None of them seem to like the same things and if we’re really honest – they have everything already. But don’t worry, this year we’ve partnered with Macy’s to highlight some of the great gift options that the Dad’s in your life may not have already and will surprise him when you give it to him on Father’s Day. There’s still time so don’t worry you can get them in store or order online now!

He’s the Boss of the BBQ – Get Him the Tools He Needs!

father's day gift ideas at macys

There is just something about the BBQ that calls to guys. I’m not sure if it’s the flames, the fact you’re cooking outside or just the smell of the delicious meals they make out there. Besides a grill, what else could a guy ask for? How about some new grilling tools to up the meal game? Or even entertaining platters and custom cutting boards. There are a lot of great options and some you may just want to order for yourself.

Looking to up your barbecue game and summer entertaining? Check out the grilling and entertaining options here!

Music Lover or Entertainer – Never Leave Home Without Your Tunes!

Music moves our lives on a daily basis. From in the car, workingfather's day gift ideas at macys out or around the house. But as much as we love a song, we hate hearing it on bad speakers. This year, give Dad some of the best speakers on the market, earbuds to keep him moving or headphones to enjoy the best sound he can. Macy’s has a huge selection of JBL speakers and headphones starting at the $50 price point.

Check out everything JBL has to offer and how you can bring Dad the best sound quality!

Business or Career Driven? Do it in Style with Kenneth Cole

father's day gift ideas at macysIs Dad driven by his career or starting his own business? Making sure he stays organized and still looks professional is key. It’s time to retire the book bag and start looking at a more stylish option. Kenneth Cole messenger bags, brief cases and totes are the perfect way to not only look professional, but carry more than just paperwork. Standard laptops will fit inside as well as everything he could need for his work day, a meeting or even for travel.

Style and Class with these Classic Time Pieces! 

father's day gift ideas at macys

A watch says a lot about a person, and more often than not they’re a very personal choice. Different styles of watches work for different events, outfits and more. From a classic look, digital face and even smart watches, you can find the perfect option for the guy in your life. It may be the perfect excuse for him to leave his smart phone at home, and wear the watch the next time you have date night.

There are a lot of places you can find great watch options including Thewatchcompany.com where you will find the best gift for the man in your life.

Choose the best watch for the guy in your life, from classic to digital.

Travelers and Dapper Dads Will Love Great Accessories

father's day gift ideas at macys

No style is complete without accessories. From pocket squares, socks, ties, tie clips, cuff links, belts and even dopp kits – most guys have a lot more accessories than we even know about. If he’s dressing up for a night on the town, heading out the door to his next meeting, or packing for a get weekend get-away he has his own set of accessories he grabs before he goes. You can find the man in your life some new accessories that will be his new favorite!

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