Gift Ideas For The Big Kid In Your Life

Gift Ideas For The Big Kid In Your Life

Christmas is on the way again, and while we’re all starting to feel a bit festive, spending more time doing fun things, and preparing our Christmas dinner plans, there’s always the thought of giving gifts. When it comes to buying for adults at Christmas, it can be an absolute nightmare to find the right gift. And those adults who seem to have everything, are the worst to buy for by far, so what can we buy for the person who appears to have everything? And what ideas have a shared that could save you a lot of time and energy this Christmas?


Many people play sports, whether it’s just badminton once a week with a friend, or being part of a rugby team. When you take up a sport generally you are all in, so if that person in your life plays the sport of some kind, you may find that they would be appreciative of some related equipment, such as cycle gloves, swim goggles, running equipment, or just some new clothing. No doubt the sports lover in your life will have mentioned one or two things before now, so just keep your ears peeled and remember the last conversation you spoke to them about when it comes to their favorite sport.

Back to childhood

Everyone had a favorite sport or activity when they were younger, some remember playing on the Atari, some of their bikes everywhere, and some of us love Lego. We would have given anything for a millennium falcon, and there have been a few over the years according to the LEGO Millennium Falcon set list by Bossk’s Bounty, so an easy option here, is to do some research about this persons childhood memories, and dig around to see what you can buy from their childhood. Websites such as eBay, Etsy, and Facebook marketplace, you should find it quite straightforward to discover either some vintage items that match what are you looking for or new things in the theme of A cartoon character for example


Many people enjoy motorsports or swimming and films, and luckily, many companies create wonderful experiences for people to buy for their loved ones. You can even get on a hot air balloon these days and travel around in style. Many people buy supercar experiences, but that’s because it’s something you wouldn’t get to do regularly. Even a beer or wine tasting class can be a wonderful experience for somebody if that’s their “thing“. And the memories created with such a wonderful gift must be a great thing to remember for years to come. Rather than the usual offering of underwear and beer. 

Ultimately it is the thought that counts, and remembering that is important when it comes to Christmas time. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, or getting yourself into debt to pay off the gifts, but if you put thought and effort into your gift, it will be well received.

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