Ghostlight – The Power of Art and Healing

Ghostlight Review

No one grieves in the same way, but sometimes it takes stepping out of your comfort zone to find the words and the path forward out of grief. In the new IFC release Ghostlight, we meet Dan (Keith Kupferer) a construction worker whose family is struggling after the loss of his son and is dealing with an upcoming lawsuit regarding the death. After his anger comes to a boiling point and he’s suspended from work – he finds himself reluctantly embraced by the community theater group and tossed into the lead role as Romeo in their production of Romeo and Juliet.

In an almost serendipitous coincidence, the play seems to mirror what’s happening in Dan’s life. And while he’s thrust into the role and the story, he never read or seen a production of a play that has been done in countless iterations throughout centuries now. Once his daughter Daisy (Katherine Mallen Kupferer) becomes involved, the two start on their own personal paths toward healing and possibly forgiveness.

The death of the son in the movie is briefly alluded to, but the details aren’t really given until later in the film. But the continued star-crossed lover theme seems to dominate. But the power of the play and the community that begins to surround the family, shows the power of community and how it can help in a healing journey. It also shows how some themes continue to repeat in life, despite the changing times.

Ghostlight is a little rough at times, it’s not an easy story to watch. But overall, the movie is enjoyable and endearing. You can feel the family’s pain for their loss and you can see the impact of the play on their healing. It’s a testament to the impact of the arts and how they can not only be used as a learning device but can help actors and audiences work through their emotions on topics that they may not be able to find words for normally. It’s full of grief and pain, and an unusual approach on healing.

Ghostlight is playing now at select Michigan Theaters including:

  • Gratiot 21
  • Livonia 20
  • John R 15
  • Forum 17 – Sterling Heights
  • Emagine Palladium15 Birmingham

Overall Rating

Four Star Review

About Ghostlight

When melancholic construction worker Dan finds himself drifting from his wife and daughter, he discovers community and purpose in a local theater’s production of Romeo and Juliet. As the drama onstage starts to mirror his own life, he and his family are forced to confront a personal loss.


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