The GFB Gluten Free Bites – High Protein Snacks without the Junk!

gfb gluten free bites review

gfb gluten free bites reviewIt doesn’t matter how much I try, when evening comes around I’m always looking for a snack. I try not to keep a lot of junk food in the house, but snacks that not only taste good but are good for you. Thankfully The Gluten Free Bar (or GFB) has something I can keep on hand that not only tastes good but hits that craving for sweets right where I need it.

gfb gluten free bites reviewThe GFB sent me some packages of their Gluten Free Bites to try out. Each is a bite is packed with protein and not only leaves out the gluten but are also vegan, soy-free, and non-gmo. Gluten Free Bites are rolled balls of different ingredients, and their packed with more flavor than you’d expect. You can get the Gluten Free Bites in several different flavors including: chocolate cherry almond bites, dark chocolate coconut bites, coconut cashew crunch bites, pb+j bites, dark chocolate peanut butter bites, and dark chocolate hazelnut bites.

The serving side of the GFB Gluten Free Bites is only 2, which may not seem like a lot when you’re looking for a munchy snack. But the size of each snack bite (about 1 inch) has nuts or other protein sources inside and they are surprisingly filling. The combination of nuts with something sweet helps hit the spot, as well as fill you up as you’re enjoying them.

We’ve had a lot of fun trying the different flavors of Gluten Free Bites, and for me the winners have been dark chocolate coconut bites and dark chocolate hazelnut. Both have just the hint of sweetness I’m looking for during those late night snacks, as well as a protein punch I need a snack on the go without added sugar, unneeded junk and chemicals.

You can find the Gluten Free Bites on the GFB website with the selection of their Gluten Free Bars.


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