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Getting Fit and Healthy in Michigan #MIFitLife

With warmer weather in our near future, it’s time to start thinking about working out and maybe losing some of that extra fluff we’ve gained this winter. It may be just a little weight, it may be a goal to get in shape or just to move more. But now is the time to start and to take action. Earlier today Motherhood and Main hosted a fitness event for bloggers at The Barre Code in Royal Oak. A small group of us were treated to a work out that none of us expected, and an afternoon of dietary education and introductions to healthy products from great Michigan based companies.

Fit and Fabulous EventI’m not in shape, I know that, and it’s something I’m working on fixing. And I will be the first to admit that the work out at the Barre Code kicked my butt. There were parts that I couldn’t do, due to my past knee injury and others that – let’s just say a lack of coordination didn’t work out too well for me. But with all of that in mind, the work out was an intense one for everyone in the class. By the end, everyone attending no matter what shape they were in was sweating and feeling the work out. The class was hard, but also inspirational and helped motivate you to try more classes and work on getting in shape.

Fit and Fabulous EventAfter our workout session we were treated to snacks from Fresh N Healthy, a new food delivery service that delivers healthy food to South East Michigan. Launched this year, Fresh N Healthy focuses on Organic, Paleo, Diabetic and Healthy Gourmet meal plans. The service offers pre-made meals that can be ordered and delivered to your home on a weekly, or monthly basis. They  will be expanding their offerings to include other diet options as well as cold pressed juices. Besides offering delicious healthy snacks for our group, Fresh N Healthy provides an easy way for people to get healthier meal options in smaller portions.

Fit and Fabulous EventBeing healthy is a combination of working out as well as diet. Our event concluded with a discussion on healthy meal planning with Dietitian Grace Derocha. Based in Metro-Detroit, Grace helps  her patients find the best meal options and diet to achieve their health goals.

The event over all was a lot of fun, and definitely not a typical bloggers event. The change of pace was great, even if it did kick my butt!

A big thank you to Courtney from Motherhood and Main, as well as the event sponsors: Fresh N Healthy, Detroit Girls Workout, Absopure, Momentum Jewelry, The Barre Code, Good Stuff Cacao, The Skinny Mirror, Mitten Munch Trail Bars as well as Grace Derocha and Lexie Green!

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