Get Your Sink Back to Normal After the Holidays with Roto-Rooter

roto rooter review

roto rooter review

Holiday meals, baking and extra dishes can do a doozy on your sinks. We weren’t half way through our holiday baking when we noticed our sink slowing down. It didn’t matter how much we scraped plates, ran the garbage disposal or did everything by hand our sinks started to back up. But under our sink we have our secret weapon against clogs and drains – Roto-Rooter. They sent us a bottle in time for the holiday season and it helped just when we needed it to.

roto rooter reviewLike any of the other clogs in the past, it’s as simple as pouring the Roto-Rooter down the sink and waiting a bit. After a warm flush of water the sink started acting better. Because of other on-going issues we did end up using the whole bottle to fix the sink, but for the cost of a bottle instead of calling out a professional – it was worth it! Our sink is back up to normal and running smoothly – which means we can easily switch to healthy living recipes instead of all of those sweets we’ve had without having to worry about a slow or backed up sink.

There are times that the plumbing issues are ones you can handle yourself, and thankfully Roto-Rooter products make it so you don’t have to call a professional. Roto-Rooter Products give you the power of a plumber without having to call someone to your home. And don’t forget the money back guarantee if it doesn’t fix your clog!

Find out more about Roto-Rooter Products and how you can use them at home!


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