Get Your Garden Glowing at Night


Night time gardening tips

Have you ever given much thought to what your garden looks like at night? We often think about what our outdoor spaces look like during the day, but when night falls, you don’t necessarily stop using it or looking at it. Wouldn’t it be great to look out at a beautiful garden in the dark? Maybe you want to start using your backyard more in the evenings, or you want to have a lovely sight to greet you when you get home late. Try the following tips if you want to create an attractive night garden.

Get the Right Lighting

Lighting is obviously important if you want your garden to look good at night. Think about how to light your garden when you’re outside and how you might want to light it when you’re inside, looking out. Talk to a company like Allen Outdoor Solutions who can help you plan and install your lighting. When you’re using your outdoor space, you will want enough light to see adequately and ensure everything is safe. You might consider having a fire pit or torches for extra lighting. When you’re not outside, your lights can be more decorative and less practical.

Attract Night-time Critters

What could make a garden come more alive at night than actual life? You can encourage wildlife to visit your garden so that you can enjoy it from your home. One animal that you might want to encourage is bats. Watching them swoop about at night is fascinating. You can install bat boxes for them to make their homes. In some places, you could see owls, opossums or racoons. Although you might not be so keen to welcome them your garden! Moths can be interesting too, even if they’re not for everyone. You might spot something like a luna moth, a type of giant silk moth.

Choose Reflective Flowers

If you want to choose plants that look good at night, try picking those with pale flowers. They can reflect the moonlight and starlight, which is excellent for making your garden look lovely in the dark. Some pale flowers that you could pick for your garden include petunias, lily of the valley, peonies and irises. You can also pick some silver-colored plants that will shine under the moonlight too. As well as thinking about what your garden looks like, there are some flowers that have a beautiful scent at night, such as moonflower and evening primrose.

Install a Water Feature

Water features can give your garden another thing for the light to play off in the evening. A water feature could take one of a number of forms, whether you want to have a bird bath, a pond or even a little waterfall. A stone bird bath can be a good choice because the pale color of the stone and the water can both do different things with the light.

Your outdoor space doesn’t only have to be for during the day. It can also look lovely and ethereal at night, as well as serve as a fun social space.


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