thunder shirt review

Get Your Furry Friend What They Need To Stay Safe from ThunderShirt

thunder shirt review

Our pets are such a huge part of our family and making sure they’re safe and comfortable is a bit priority. This year, we’ve got great ideas for your furry friends including items that they’re going to love, and things that will make sure they’re comfortable during every season.

thundershirt reviewWe were sent a fantastic package from ThunderShirt – a brand that we’ve been fans of for years. Inside was a camo ThunderShirt for our Pudgy as well as one of their Dial-A-Distance leashes to test out. Both start at about $37, and perfect gifts for the pet lovers in your life or stocking stuffers for your pets.

thunder shirt reviewWe all know that storms can be scary for your pets. As much as we want to explain to them that they are safe and the storms wont get them – some still shake and need extra re-assurance. For years we’ve had a ThunderShirt around for just those occasions. ThunderShirts are easy to put on polo style shirts for your pets. The new Camo Polo shirt easily velcros on and fits snuggly on your pet and “hugs” them tightly. This close feeling helps them feel secure and keeps them calm through the worst storms. It’s a medication free way to keep them calm and safe during a storm or stressful situation (like fireworks). ThunderShirts come in a variety of sizes and can be used on cats as well as dogs.

thunder shirt reviewBut don’t think that Thundershit only makes their namesake shirts – they also make other products your pets will love, and you will love having for them. Their Dial-A-Distance leash is perfect for distance training your pets or just a walk through the neighborhood. Similar to a retractable leash, but the distance is set on the dial and will not be pulled away if your dog decides to run while you’re out walking. They are secure and close at hand at whatever distance you set them at.

thunder shirt reviewNot only does the Dial-A-Distance have a secure clasp that latches on the collar or harness of your pet, but it’s super light weight and easy to hold. The size of the Dial-A-Distance might make you think it’s heavy and hard to hang onto, but with a comfortable handle you can securely hold your pooch no matter where you are at.

We’ve known for years that ThunderShirt had great products to help keep your pet secure and safe, and now their new products are continuing in that mission. They’re perfect for your furry friends as well as the pet lovers in the family.

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