Get Your Favorite Retro Toys now part of the World’s Smallest Toys Collection

World's Smallest Toys Review

Everyone has that toy that instantly takes them back to their childhood. It might be your favorite plush toy, your favorite toy car or even Barbie doll. But while the originals may be well loved and showing their years in age and wear – you can now get miniature versions of some of your favorite retro toys.

World's Smallest Toys Review

For years The World’s Smallest Toys have been taking some of our favorite toys and making them tiny. And with their focus on retro toys, and the ones we grew up with now you can actually add in a View Master, Slinky Dog, Barbie (with Dream House), and two decks of Magic the Gathering Cards to your list.

But these aren’t just recreations to put on your shelf. Yes, you can do that, but these toys actually work. Both decks of cards are full of miniature cards from larger decks you already have. And if you always dreamed of having your own Barbie Dream House – this might be the perfect way to still get it and one of the most affordable ways to do it.

World's Smallest Toys Review

We love the novelty of having not only our favorite toys from our childhood, but the world’s smallest versions. With tiny versions of Slinky Dog hanging around, we don’t have to worry about them taking up a lot of space while they can bring back the memories from our childhood. And the fact that they actually work is the cherry on top of the sweetness of these toys.


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