Get a True-to-Life Plush of Your Hero from Bleacher Creatures #bcreaturetoys

bleacher creatures review

bleacher creatures reviewWouldn’t it be great if you could your favorite character from movies or comics, or sports star in a fun plush toy? Bleacher Creatures create just those – not hard action figures that might break, but soft plush toys that kids of all ages will enjoy. Besides being adorable plush toys, Bleacher Creatures create plushes that have incredible detail of your heroes and have official licensing from the brands or franchises.

bleacher creatures reviewBleacher Creatures offered to send us one of our favorite characters or sports stars and I asked for one of Marvel’s Avengers – I let them choose, because they’re all pretty awesome aren’t they? And in no time, I had a 10″ Captain America Plush toy. Unlike other stuffed animals and plush toys the first thing I noticed was the amount of detail in the toy. His signature outfit from Age of Ultron printed on him, but the details on his face weren’t just printed on fabric. The Bleacher Creature’s eyes and mouth are actually stitched on, while his ears and nose added on after the fact. When you look at the face you can actually see hints of Chris Evans peaking through the toy.

bleacher creatures reviewEach plush toy is made to look like the character or sports star. And Captain America wouldn’t be complete without his shield. Attached to the back of the Captain America Bleacher Creatures is a two sided shield featuring details on both sides true to the character.

One thing I noticed about the Bleacher Creatures was the toy is stuffed full of filling – almost to the point some of the seams seem stretched. They didn’t skimp on filling up the characters and they make sure your characters are exactly what you’d want them to be. Bleacher Creatures offers plush characters from your favorite comics like Marvel and DC, plus offer sports players from the your favorite NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA teams. All characters and players official licensed from the franchises, and great for collectors as well as to play with.

There aren’t any sharp edges on your Bleacher Creatures, so your kids can play with them for hours and not worry about getting hurt or breaking them. You can find Bleacher Creatures on their website or on Amazon, and can buy your favorite characters from movies, or collections. Start your own fight club between your Avengers characters and the Pope – there’s no limit!


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