Get Them Moving with Ultra Dash!

Ultra Dash Review

Ultra Dash Review
Kids are so full of energy, we wish we could bottle it up. Since that isn’t an option yet, we always try to make sure we have games that not only stimulate their mind but ones that help keep them moving and burn off extra energy. This year, PlayMonster sent us Ultra Dash, a on tag with a little technology added in – that kids can actually play solo. 

Ultra Dash ReviewUltra Dash comes with 5 different color stations and a tagger stick. Once activated, the stick will blink different colors while playing music and the kids are suppose to run around making sure they get to the right station by the time the color stops. With the colors changing at random, every game is unique. And with the 5 different color stops, kids can set it up, or change how the course is set up as they go.

Ultra Dash ReviewThe game is ready to play right out of the box and you just have to hit the on button for the fun to begin. Watch your kid run around crazy setting new goals for themselves and seeing if they can Dash in time! We love a game that makes them move, and can keep them entertained for hours at a time. The only downside may be hearing the same song over and over, but it wont bother kids at all. Have fun and join in and see if you can dash as fast as your little ones!

Ultra Dash is for ages 6 and up, but younger kids will love it too!

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