Get that Boost in the Morning with Coffee Body Scrub!

Rejavanation Body Scrub Review

Rejavanation Body Scrub Review

If you’re like me, sometimes you need that coffee hit before you hit the shower or even attempt to function. If you need a quick boost in the shower or just a pick me up CocoRoo has an all natural body and face scrub that you will love – Total ReJavanation, an exfoliating scrub that is made out of coffee and other all natural ingredients.

Rejavanation Body Scrub ReviewTotal ReJavanation facial and body scrub is made with Organic Arabica Coffee Beans along with cold- pressed sweet almond oil, cold- pressed coconut oil, and cold- pressed macadamia nut oil. The fresh organic coffee will leave you feeling completely refreshed without clogging your drain. Total Rejuvenation is an amazing exfoliator made with organic Arabica coffee beans. The caffeine from coffee beans has been used to target cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, and other skin conditions. We combine fresh organic coffee beans with sweet almond, macadamia nut, and coconut oils- cold-pressed to perfection and loaded with antioxidants! Total Rejuvenation is the FIRST coffee scrub in a tube – no more double dipping hands into unsanitary jars & paper bags.

ReJavanation comes out in a dark paste, and you can immediately smell the coffee scent over all of the other of the other ingredients. Just a small bead goes a long way and you can feel the grit as it exfoliates your skin. The burst of coffee scent will fill your shower as the water heats up and give you that little boost in the morning.

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