Get Ready for a Star Wars Movie Night With These Great Products

Star Wars Mugs to Get

The last of the Star Wars Movies is finally here, and they even released it early on digital so we can watch it now – rather than waiting. And while the Rise of Skywalker may end the Skywalker saga, it doesn’t end the love of Star Wars for so many fans. Plus we know that Lucasfilm and Disney probably have several more episodes hidden up their sleeves coming to theaters in upcoming years.

But since we know we’re going to have countless movie nights, and really we can binge every single one of the Star Wars movies we own this weekend. We’re prepared with some great Star Wars products from Zak Designs. In the past we’ve featured other great Star Wars items you can get for your home and kitchen, but now, we’re snuggling up with these mugs and more just in time for a movie night.

Star Wars Mugs to Get

Of all of the items we love from Zak Designs, their commitment to making other great Star Wars products always make us smile. They have plate sets that highlight main characters and their famous tag lines, but they have put these on a great mug set as well. And if you need a large mug to hold your hot cocoa or even enjoy some soup in – you can grab a great mug shaped like BB8 or one that has the Millennium Falcon inside. Zak doesn’t forget about the youngest fans either, you can get a Millennium Falcon Tumbler that is not only dishwasher safe but fun to watch the Falcon fly through your beverage of choice!

Are you ready for your next Star Wars movie night or looking for a great fit idea to brighten someone’s day? Zak has everything that a Star Wars fan is going to love and their mugs will be great conversation starters for fans of all ages!


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