Get Lost in Rare Books and more inside the John King Books

John King Bookstore Detroit

Bibliophiles rejoice, that book you’ve been looking for is probably on the shelves at John King Books in Detroit. One of the most unique bookstores in the nation, the old warehouse converted into a four story book store that anyone can get lost in or find a book to get lost in the pages.

From the latest releases, rare books, coins, artwork and old pictures and negatives you can spend a day exploring and finding the book or whatever you’ve been looking for. The experts from emphasize that the bookstore may seem overwhelming to those who visit, but the staff knows where to find everything or to point you in the right direction.

If you love books, need a new reference book and aren’t satisfied with what the library has – you can pull up a crate and find what you are looking for at King Books. One visit to this fun bookstore you’ll find the reasons the book store keeps winning awards and growing larger by the year.

About John King Books:

A staple in Detroit since 1983, when King purchased the giant, abandoned, four-story Advance Glove factory building at 901 West Lafayette in downtown Detroit. Within a few years, King was utilizing all four floors of the building for his retail concern, filling the basement to overflowing with duplicates and books waiting to be processed. A few years ago, King bought the office building behind his store, the old Otis Elevator building (occupied by an architectural firm for decades), and set up his offices and rare book room upstairs there. And in the basement? More books. It never ends!


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