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girls season 4 review

girls season 4 reviewWhen Girls first premiered on HBO it got a lot of attention. The comedy features a group of young 20 somethings around the New York City area, and their stories of growth and friendship. Unlike shows in the past, Girls brings a comedic twist that your family can enjoy together. Now, the complete fourth season is available to enjoy over again.

HBO sent us a copy of the fourth season of Girls and review. Before the copy arrived, we had just heard from others how good the show is. The series has won Emmy and Gold Globe awards – so it surely had to have something going for it! The show is not only relate-able for any woman who has tried to find her way and her career path and navigate through life. But it also is a mix between comedy with some genuine heartfelt moments and those in sadness.

The fourth season continues to follow Hanna, Marnie, Desi, Shoshanna and Jessa as they all face their own struggles through life and relationships. From college, careers, dating and drama the friends all show a different side of their journey as they work towards finding themselves. The series is amazing to watch and one that you’ll enjoy watching again.

Bonus features include 7 audio commentaries with the Cast and Crew and Inside the Episodes. Girls is rated 13+ and the fourth season has a total run time of about 300 minutes and includes all 10 episodes from the fourth season. You can find the Girls – The Complete Fourth Season on DVD on Amazon and in stores near you.


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