Get Fresh Herbs Year Round with this At Home Kit

Counter top Herb Set Review

If you’re having withdrawals from gardening, like many of us are in the north and Midwest. Or you miss having fresh herbs on hand – now is the perfect time to start your own herb garden inside. While finding the right set up can be hard, has a kit that not only includes the perfect container but also the soil and organic seeds as well.

Counter top Herb Set Review

Gardners sent us their Organic Kitchen Herbs Caddy Growing Kit to check out and we couldn’t be happier with the set. Inside is a stainless steel container that is perfect for holding in soil and seeds while looking great at the same time. With one larger compartment and three smaller ones, you can choose which herb you use the most or grow your own combination of herbs inside. At the base is a drainage plug you can remove so you can control the amount of water in the container as well as stop them from getting water logged.

Counter top Herb Set Review

Perfect for your first herb garden, or adding to your culinary kitchen garden, this herb kit has everything included to get started. From a large package of potting soil which is perfect to start your own seeds in, to the container and even four different types of herbs to get you started.

You can start your own herb garden quickly with this set, and have fresh herbs in no time. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach kids about the growing cycle and where their herbs and other food come from as they can help you sew the seeds and watch them grow to be something they can eat and enjoy. There’s just something about growing your own food that makes it taste better and this herb kit is the perfect solution for small spaces or if you have long cold months ahead of you.


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