Get Flavored Water anywhere with hab Water Enhancer

Hab Water Enhancer Review

We all need to drink more water. By now it’s probably a pretty common idea we hear, but really drinking water alone can be boring. A glass here or there sure, but often – the flavorless drink is just a chore to drink rather than something we enjoy.

That’s why over the past few years flavored water has boomed. Yes, people are drinking a lot more water – but the bottles and cans are pilling up and adding to the waste problem. That’s why, hab was invented. Inside every small glass (and fully recyclable) container are 40 tablets of hab water enhancer. Simple dissolving tablets that come with a punch of flavor and a little bit of sweetness to change your boring glass or bottle of water into something you’re going to enjoy a lot more.

Hab Water Enhancer Review

Each hab tablet contains .5 grams of sugar, so they aren’t a completely sugar free options. But they are gluten free and free of a lot of other major allergens. That means, that tiny bit of sweetness is worth the trade off for us when we’re taking it on the go. And each little glass bottle – can replace 20 cans or bottles that once would have added to the waste system.

What we love about hab – the convenience of flavored water wherever we go. The small bottles can easily fit in our pockets or purses and we can take it on the go with us – even traveling. It makes it easy to get just a hint of flavor or to add more flavor as we want it as well. And just having hab available, means we’re more likely to drink more water since it’s not just flavorless and boring. With nothing artificial in your hab tablets you’re going to love having it as part of your every day water drinks.


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