Get the Entire Adventure Time Stakes! Miniseries on DVD

adventure time stakes review

adventure time stakes review

Vampires are cool, that is unless you are one! And in Adventure Time: Stakes! it’s hard for Marceline to be a Vampire and she doesn’t want to be one anymore. In the new collection being released you can watch all eight episodes. Cartoon Network sent us a copy of the new Adventure Time: Stakes! to review before it’s released later this month.

We love Adventure Time and love when they stories take on a life of their own. This new miniseries wont disappoint. On this new adventure, Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum help Marceline the Vampire Queen face off against five powerful foes from her mysterious past, which have been unleashed by one of Bubblegum’s science experiments. Marceline no longer wants to be a vampire, and her adventures take her on a quest to try to change back into a mortal.  The collection will keep you entertained on a bit more creepy level than usual.

Adventure Time: Stakes! the Entire Miniseries includes eight episodes as well as special features. It has a total run time of 88 minutes and is rated TV-PG.

Episodes Include:

  • Marceline: The Vampire Queen
  • Everything Stays
  • Vamps About
  • The Empress Eyes
  • May I Come In
  • Take Her Back
  • Checkmate
  • The Dark Cloud

Special Features:

  • Animatics
  • Song Demos
  • Art Gallery

Adventure Time: Stakes! will be available everywhere on January 19th and can be pre-ordered on Amazon today.


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