Get Creative with STEAM and The Happy Trunk

happy trunk review

happy trunk reviewEducation is really the gift that keeps on giving, as you can add to it and continue to grow with it throughout your lifetime. Because of the current demand for engineers and a focus on math and science, a lot of toys and even subscription boxes are leaning towards educational focus for kids. You can find a different options out there, but The Happy Trunk is focused directly on STEAM projects for kids of different ages in their monthly boxes and individual kits.

happy trunk reviewThe Happy Trunk sent us one of their STEAM boxes to check out as well as one of the individual kits. Towards the end of each month a new box will be shipped out and inside are a couple activities focusing on being creative and learning on the same time. If you want more educational fun you can also purchase creativity kits, science kits or even stocking stuffers from their website at any point. All of the kits come in their standard box, and will be packaged differently inside. Our STEAM Kit included a self siphoning goo project as well as a tie dye tile art for Goonie to do, and included everything we’d need to do the projects.

happy trunk reviewIn our other box was their mini terrarium kit, where you create your very on mini eco-system. The kit was packaged in a smaller box and like the larger box set, included everything we needed to get started – we just had to add water.

happy trunk reviewThe mini terrarium kit came with a jar, seeds, rocks, a soil pod, moss and shells to create the ecosystem inside. With easy to read instructions we were able to quickly make our own eco-system in a jar and had enough that we could try again if we wanted to. There’s also the added benefit that once the jar is sealed you wont need to water the plant – and after just a couple days ours started sprouting and we’re having fun watching it grow.

happy trunk reviewWe loved having fun with the science and art projects, and I loved being able to share a little bit of my love gardening with Goonie. The Happy Trunk STEAM Kits and individual kits are fun and had everything we needed to do our whole project. Each box from The Happy Trunk is around $20 a month, but for fun and education projects we think it’s absolutely worth it.  If your child is more interested in arts, check out some of their great projects like DIY Fairies, soap making and more!


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