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Gen Mobile Cell Service Review

It’s that time of year that everyone wants the latest and the greatest tech. But really, when it comes to phones – that is just half of the battle. For cell phones, you need a new contract, a good service provider and more. But when your kids are getting to the age to want a phone, the cost of adding another line to your contract can be cost prohibitive. So what can you do?

Instead of getting into another contract, there are some great alternatives out there like Gen Mobile – a mobile service provider that is one of the most affordable alternatives on the market. The work with the larger service providers to get their services at a great discount and then pass that deal onto you. But besides saving you, as the customer, a ton of money – Gen Mobile does a lot more than that.

Not only does Gen Mobile allow you to bring your phone from any provider to their service. They sell kits that make the transition to their service quick and painless. You can transfer your number and device and stay connected without missing a beat. The main difference you’ll see? The cost each month.

Gen Mobile has plans that start at $5 with value for every customer. Their $10 plans come with Unlimited Text, 300 talk and 1GB 4G LTE. You can upgrade to their most expensive plan at $25 a month that not only includes talk, text and data but also international calls and texting as well.

Don’t have a phone yet or need a new one? You can get from basic phones that start at $19 to high end and the latest and greatest on Gen Mobile’s service. If they don’t have the model you want, order an unlocked device online and start using Gen Mobile’s service as soon as you get your starter card.

So, the kids are still begging for their first phone? Gen Mobile has you covered this holiday season and will help you stay connected no matter where you go.

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