Get a Touch of the Grandeur of the Grand Hotel by Visiting Their Stables

Grand Hotel Stables Tour

If you’ve visited Mackinac Island in the past, or are a fan of the movie Somewhere in Time, you no doubt know of the Grand Hotel. The white Victorian era hotel that sits on the edge of Mackinac Island and greets you as your ferry brings you to the shore. Unless you’re a guest of the Grand or pay the fee to go inside, chances are you wont be able to experience much of the grandeur that is inside or that magnificent deck filled to take in the views.

Our visits to Mackinac Island always included going past the Grand Hotel but never inside. One trip in the decade brought us inside the historic hotel for an attic sale and we marveled at what we saw. But for many travelers, the Grand is a dream and a bucket list item. Until we can save up to stay in the Grand Hotel, we were able to find a way you can experience the Grand Hotel and learn more about it while visiting the Island.

Grand Hotel Stables Tour

Since 2012, The Grand Hotel Stables has become available to the public. This space is a working museum that is free to tour any time you’re in the area. You can access it by foot, bike or some carriage tours will bring you to the location. Inside you will be surrounded by sleighs, carriages and learn about their history and the famous people they have brought from around the island. The majority of these vehicles are still in use for different occasions on the island and you can still see them in service.

Grand Hotel Stables Tour

This is a working stable, both for the vehicles but also for the horses at the facility. You can see into stable area and may see some of the working horses that The Grand Hotel uses. But you wont be able to get back to pet them. There are 16 different horses that call the stables home and at any given point they may be out working for the hotel.

Since everything is first class at the Grand Hotel, so is their stables. From being decorated in the same color scheme at the hotel, multiple chandeliers and even the horses have regal names – you’ll feel just a bit of experience you’d get staying at The Grand Hotel. The Grand Hotel Stables are free to visit and are open to the public from 9 am – 5pm seasonally. They are located on Carriage Rd, Mackinac Island, MI 49757

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