Get a Perfect Manicure in Under 10 Minutes with Spray Perfect

spray perfect nail polish review

spray perfect nail polish review

Years ago I gave up on painting my nails. Either I would mess them up, they wouldn’t look right or it would take forever to dry. On the rare occasion I decided to paint my nails, about 5 minutes later I would mess them up. For special occasions I’ve turned to the nail applique stickers and even the sticker paint. For the short term it works well, but there are times just a plain nail polish color is what I’m looking for, and running to the salon is out of the question.

spray perfect nail polish reviewI was sent two cans of Spray Perfect spray on nail polish, and the instructions seem simple enough: One layer of base coat, spray on the color you want, a layer of top coat then wash away the extra. With easy instructions like that – I couldn’t screw it up, right? Actually, using Spray Perfect was extremely easy and worked faster than painting my nails usually would.

After the layer of my base coat had dried for a couple minutes I got laid down a layer of paper towel over the counter and got ready to spray. Definitely don’t skip that step, you will over spray no matter what you try. After the first coat of nail polish I did notice that in some areas it looked a little thinner than areas, so I gave the nails a second coat of polish. Overall the coat of polish that came out was even and dried in a couple seconds after spraying. Once dry, I topped each nail with a layer of topcoat and let it dry for a few minutes.

spray perfect nail polish reviewA few of notes about Spray Perfect:

  • Don’t freak out – the extra on your skin will come off with water and a little soap.
  • One coat of top coat will produce a seal on the nails, but it also only gives you a matte appearance. If you want a more gloss appearance, apply another coat of top coat. But do this well after the the first one dries or you will get a couple spots that got a little globby and became a problem later.
  • Any place you put base or top coat will not wash off. This is what helps seal in the Spray Perfect product. So try to have a steady hand when applying those layers.

spray perfect nail polish reviewUsing Spray Perfect was extremely easy, and while the cans say it’ll be done in a few seconds – the whole process including top and base coats is about 10 minutes. My nails were set enough for me to type and grab things out of my pockets. I didn’t have any weird brush strokes and my dominate hand doesn’t look bad in comparison to my left hand. Instead I have nails with a nice even coat of polish. Spray Perfect will not, however, stop you from messing up your manicure – if you’re prone to messing up your still tacky nails (like me) you will probably end up with one or two with a spot that needs repair. But even that is a lot quicker with Spray Perfect.

For me, it’s more accurate that I have a virtually perfect manicure in under 10 minutes, since I still have a little extra on my cuticles and that one spot I messed up. But with a little touch up, they will be beautiful in no time.

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  1. “Don’t freak out” are words they should write on every can 🙂 I panicked the first time I used spray on nail polish, I thought “what have I done” but after little soap and scrubbing everything was back to normal. Except my nails. They were fabulous 🙂


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