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Get a Chemical Free Bathroom with Zabada

zabada clean reviewWe’re on an a never ending quest in our house to remove chemicals from our lives. Not just from our food, but from the cleaners as well. Despite the strong smell of the chemicals, I tend to have an allergic reaction to most of the ones we’ve been using for years. Just last week I splashed some of the floor cleaner on my foot and felt burning on my skin for almost two days. So I was more than happy to check out the new bathroom line introduced by Zabada. I’ve been using Zabada dusting set I reviewed last year, and was excited to see if it could tackle the bathroom cleaning I do every couple of days.

zabada clean reviewThe Zabada bathroom products include the Bathroom Glove that you simple get wet and wipe away 99.9% of bacteria from any surface, the Bathroom Handy for cleaning smaller surfaces, and the Bathroom Marvel – to dry off any of the surfaces after you clean the the surface. You can always add the Zabada calcium reducer, but all of the products work easily with only the addition of water. You just add water and ring out any extra water and wipe down the surface, no additional chemicals are needed.

zabada clean reviewAfter cleaning the bathroom with the Zabada Glove and drying the surfaces with the Marvel I instantly noticed shiny clean surfaces. Not on did the system clean the grime up off the counter and tub, but it helped get away tough stains easily. And because the system doesn’t use chemicals, it wont eat away at the surface of the faucet like one in the past seemed to do. Our sink has a streak free clean look – and you’re not overwhelmed with the smell of chemicals as you go into the bathroom.

I’m excited to check out more of the Zabada products as we continue to go to a chemical free home. The products only need washed after every second use, and will last up to a couple years with regular cleaning. Just the cost savings alone by using the Zabada systems will save us well over a $100 this year on wipes and chemicals.

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