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Geeky Gift Guide – What Every Geek Needs!

geeky gift guideWe’re at  a wonderful time in history – being geeky is cool and fandom is on top! So what do you get for your favorite geek on your list this year? There are a lot of options out there, but these are some of our favorite options for the geeky people on our list. We’re not even going to lie – this is pretty much our Christmas list this year too!

Send Them a Bit of Science Every Month! 

matter box subscription box review

Fossils, elements and more – what’s inside the November Matter box? What are you made of? Matter of course! We subscribed to a box of MATTER to check out what they had inside. Our first month surprised us and the box is absolutely worth the $40 price tag!

MATTER is a subscription box for curious minds. Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 materials, objects, specimens, or artifacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our universe. Part museum, part lab project, these items will feed your curiosity and help you spark someone else’s.

To subscribe to A Box of MATTER

Share their Fandom with Mugs and Cups from Zak!

fandom cups and mugs zak! Design

Fandom is huge right now, and we love some the options we can find from Zak! Not only can you find your favorite 3D Character mugs, but tumblers from your favorite movies and more. The details are amazing and you’ll fall in love with the different options as you shop their site. Don’t worry, they have kid fandom as well and you’ll be able to get them their favorite characters on mugs, travel cups and even plates.

Find Your Favorite Fandom on Zak! 

Make Waffles They Will Never Forget

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker Review


If it’s time for breakfast, or you’re doing breakfast for dinner like we love to do – there’s no reason that everything should be the same and traditional. We are huge fans of making meals more fun whenever we can. And thanks to Uncanny Brands, our meals are getting more fun each day. With their Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker, your meal will disappear faster than the Falcon can make the kessel run.

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker ReviewA newer addition to their Lucasfilm branded products, the Millennium Falcon waffle maker doesn’t just stamp the pattern of the Falcon into the waffle top but actually creates a waffle in the shape of Millennium Falcon with deep indentations that are perfect for catching butter, syrup and whatever topping you put on your waffle.

Find Your Star Wars Waffle Maker Here

Use the Force to Cook Dinner with this Star Wars Slow Cooker

Covered in all of your favorite Star Wars Characters, dinner will come together easily in this great slow cooker from Pangea Brands. Not only are all of the characters stylized, but they are just the perfect amount of geeky for fans and non fans won’t complain either! It’s adorable, functional and perfect to add to your geeky potluck. The slow cooker is a 7 quart model so it’ll hold virtually any recipe you have (and possibly a whole chicken if that’s your style!) And with the temperature dial it’s so easy to use the next time you’re making dinner for the family or your next party.

Cook with the Force and this adorable slow cooker! 

Celebrate Their Fandom Monthly With this Subscription Box

fandom of the month club january box

After several months – Fandom of the Month is back! It’s our favorite subscription box and filled with up to 5 geeky jewelry pieces! Check out what was inside their first box since their relaunch! This has been one of our favorite subscription boxes throughout the years, and it’s perfect if you’re just the right amount of nerdy!

And actually according to a recent study conducted by That Sweet Gift, jewellery is the most wanted gift among women. So why not get them a consistent supply of it with this awesome subscription?

Get your nerdy jewelry and magnets here!

Dine with Geeky Style

Star War Must Haves for Fans

Featuring your favorite characters, these plates by Zak! Designs are not only dishwasher safe but are microwave safe as well. They come in sets of four and each plate, bowl and side plate features a different character on the front, and a quote from the character on the back.

Star War Must Haves for FansWe absolutely love the look of these plates, with the screen printed character silhouette on the front, and the typographic fun quotes on the back. The simplicity of the design makes it fun conversation starters, but not so in your face as other products on the market. They’re sturdy and can handle continuous use or just fun for the occasional party. Each is sold in a set of four, and you can piece together the set you want!

Get your own Star Wars dinner set here:



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