Geekey May be the Only Tool You Need to Keep On Hand

Geekey Review

If you’re building your own computer, repairing something in your home or just sick of always losing the right tool that you need at the moment, it might be time to add a key to your tool box. A Geekey multi-tool that is – shaped like a key, but this tool packs some serious punch despite it’s size.

Geekey was designed to be your go-to tool, adding ease for all those moments when you find yourself in a bind or need assistance with the task in front of you. Offering users over 14 different functions – the Geekey Multi-tool is small but a mighty tool to keep on hand with you for all of your projects.

Geekey Review

From being a screw driver, to a wire stripper and a bottle opener – the Geekey has a lot on it’s surface that you can just turn and use another part of the tool without reaching for another tool in the box. But it also has some surprises in there as well like a bowl and a pipe, allowing you to smoke … whatever you want… in there. So really, it is a tool for whatever you want it to be!

Geekey Review

Although the Geekey has a small form factor, it does have a little bit of heft to the design, making it durable for whatever tasks you throw at it. The tool is small and hand enough you could even add it to your keychain for quick access. The thicker gauge of the key design may make it harder to put on a traditional keyring, but the lanyard spot gives you another alternative.

Overall, we love the flexibility of the Geekey Multi-Tool and it has found a home on our desk and will be put to use building computers and other components we need to build. It’s nice to be able to just grab something small to get the task done when we need it instead of pulling out a whole tool box. From measuring, finding the correct angle and even bending wires – it’s got what we need in this small tool. You can find the Geekey Multi-Tool on Amazon and add it to your tool kit for an affordable price point.


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