Garfield’s Halloween Adventures is a Sweet Treat for the Holiday

garfield's halloween adventure review

garfield's halloween adventure review

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to celebrate with your favorite sarcastic cat. Get ready for Halloween, because Garfield sure is! Follow the orange tabby and Odie, the crazy-fun pup, as they go trick-or-treating, dress-up as pirates, and many more adventures! PBS has released a fun new DVD in time for the holiday and it includes two fun filled episodes with our favorite orange cats.

Trick or treat, a pet contest and creepy ghosts are in your future in this fun DVD set. Grab your candy and get a copy of Garfield: Garfield’s Halloween Adventures on DVD.

About Garfield: Garfield’s Halloween Adventures: 

Public Media Distribution, LLC announced today it is releasing the new DVD “GARFIELD: GARFIELD’S HALLOWEEN ADVENTURES” on August 28, 2018. Kids and parents can join Garfield and Odie as they get dressed up as pirates to go “trick-or-treating.” Will they be able to escape the haunted house where pirate ghosts are supposed to show up?

GARFIELD: GARFIELD’S HALLOWEEN ADVENTURES will be available on DVD August 28, 2018 and has a run time of approximately 74 minutes. The SRP is $6.99.

The DVD features these two fun-filled episodes:

  • Garfield’s Halloween Adventure” Garfield and Odie get dressed up as pirates to go “trick-or-treating.” When they attempt to cross the river in a rowboat, they accidentally end up at a haunted house where ghostly pirates are expected any minute!
  • Garfield Goes Hollywood” When the TV show PET SEARCH announces a pet talent contest, Jon devises an act for him, Garfield and Odie: ‘Jonny Bop and the Two Steps.’ They win the local event and head to Hollywood for the finals where Garfield and Odie cut Jon out of the act and become ‘The Dancing Armandos.’


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