GardenSleeves Help Save You From One of the Worst Parts of Yard Work

Gardensleeve Review

No matter how much you love gardening, there is one truth to gardening that’s hard to escape – the cuts and rashes. Even if you don’t have allergies, brushing up against the wrong plant or reaching in to get weeds will always end up with knicks or cuts up your arm. It’s just going to happen, and even if you look like you just lost a fight, it’s something that everyone who has a garden is familiar with.

But what if you had a way to prevent coming in contact with the prickers, branches and more in the garden? GardenSleeves is trying to change how you garden without making you warmer. Made with sturdy garden gloves for your hands, they are attached to fun patterned sleeves that are made of soft cotton. The sleeves help protect you from anything you are allergic to, or could potentially hurt you while you are gardening.

While I spend a lot of my free time in the garden, one of the only drawbacks I have is brushing against plants that make me break out. I’ve actually removed several juniper bushes from our yard because of the rash I would get just on contact alone. I do get a similar reaction from tomato plants, but continue to grow them each year as the garden expands outback. And with GardenSleeves I can keep growing them as long as the growing season allows.

What did we like about GardenSleeves? The sleeves come off with the gloves, so when we are working in the yard we don’t have to have sleeves on that would make it warm to work. The only drawback we have found is the nitrile gloves are a bit tight if you have bigger hands, but hopefully, that is an update on future models of the gloves.

GardenSleeves is a simple solution to a problem that a lot of gardeners experience, and one that will help prevent allergic reactions and other issues. We’ve only just started using them, so we’ll have to update on their durability through a full garden season next year.


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