Garden Greatness For Fall And Winter: You Don’t Have To Stay Indoors

Sadly, the summer seems to have packed up and left for another year, the weather has changed, and it seems to be the time that many are heading indoors more and more to warm-up. However, you now have a new season ahead; full of colorful leaves, the perfect reason to wear a cozy scarf, and plenty of crisp, fresh air to breathe-in. You’re probably tempted to get into your PJs with the kids every night and sit in front of the T.V (and radiator) and focus on staying inside and as warm as possible.

However, this is how your garden and outside space become neglected, and they’ll have seen better days by the time the better weather rolls around again. Therefore, it might be time to think about utilizing your garden space a bit more over autumn and winter, and embracing the cold air with your family and friends, even if it’s just to send summer off in style. You have an outside space, so why not ensure that your garden works for you and your family throughout the whole year, instead of just on those sunny days. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to use their garden all year round, and some al fresco inspiration for your next get-together.

Clean-Up And Clear

By getting your garden clear and sorted, you’ll ensure that you won’t have to spend any time over winter, looking out onto a depressing space, that you won’t want to tackle the following summer. Taking some time out to get your hands a little dirty, will create an outdoor oasis, that will be a joy to be in and look at. Cleaning up any debris that’s fallen from your trees and plants is the best place to start: you’ll want to pick up the mess and create a clear lawn for mowing, or patio area for chilling out upon. If you have a wood-burning fire pit on your patio or decking, it’s worth chopping and splitting your wood during the warmer weather, and stockpiling it for cozy nights in front of the crackling flames (did someone mention smores?).

Invest In The Kit

Invest in the right equipment for the job, and check out the gardening tools available, so you can ensure that you have the right ones for your home. It’s also important to have a dry storage area for your wood and garden equipment; so, clean out your shed or outhouse, and organize the space so that items can be easily reached. You’ll be grateful that everything is secure and free from the risk of water damage when you’re snuggled up inside. If you have a well for some or all of your water supply, it’s worth looking into the best well water water softener so that you can ensure the water you pump into your home isn’t too hard. Making sure that everything in the garden functions well for you and your family, throughout the colder seasons, will also encourage to get out there more often and benefit from all that fresh air.

Don’t Forget The Details

Now is also the correct time to ensure that any fruit, vegetables, and plants are all in the ground and ready to bloom during the right season. Building your raised flower beds, repotting your small fruit trees, and getting rid of any weeds, will make sure that you get your autumn batches of apples, and each plant will survive through another frosty season. Get rid of any rotting wood items in your garden, such as benches and birdhouses, and replace them in time for the chilly weather; these items not only make your garden space look inviting but also provide a function, so you’ll want them in good working order all year round. Paint any wooden surfaces with waterproof, hard wearing paint or wood stain, so that they’ll be protected when the rain and snows fall, and make sure there are no loose screws and hinges around, to make your make your garden as windproof as possible.

There’s Still Time To Build

If you’re planning on building any patios, or a new decking area, then do it over ASAP, when there’s less chance of wind and rain (your builders will thank you for it). Hopefully, your fresh, new outdoor chilling areas will be ready in time for you to enjoy over your fall get-togethers, and, if you’ve invested wisely, they’ll last for years to come. Don’t forget; they’d also be the perfect place to wrap up and enjoy an autumn or winter bbq on, you’ll just need a patio heater and some cozy blankets!

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