Garden Gnome Massacre – Watch Out in Your Garden!

Big Mouth Garden Gnome Masacre Review

Big Mouth Garden Gnome Masacre ReviewI’ve never been a huge fan of garden gnomes, I think they may be something of the past. When I was traveling around Europe as a teen, I did see them everywhere, but here, they’re hard to find. And finding something unique to put in my garden has always been a struggle for me. Traditionally the garden art is too cutesy, too girly or too old fashioned – and let’s be frank – not me! I have a couple small items I’ve picked up over the years, but it wasn’t until I saw the fun and quirky options from BigMouth Inc.

Big Mouth Garden Gnome Masacre ReviewWhile they have a few different ones to choose from, I was in love with the Great Garden Gnome Massacre – and was sent it to review. It seems a miniature Godzilla has creeped into the is taking down those pesky garden gnomes! Since they don’t seem to be pulling weeds, Godzilla starts pulling them down and stomping on them, and even eating them. As goofy as the garden garden statue is, it actually sits pretty unassuming in the garden.

Big Mouth Garden Gnome Masacre ReviewNestled between the lambs ear, the butterfly bush and the green onions – Godzilla is protecting my garden. The Great Garden Gnome Massacre stands only about 10 inches tall so it wont overwhelm your garden design. It is made of high quality resin, so it it weather proof so you could can leave it through the rain. The size of the statue is perfect for my garden, most people wont notice what’s actually going on with the garden gnomes. If my friends and family do spot the statue, they’ll enjoy a laugh like we do. Even though it is weatherproof, I believe Godzilla and friends will end up being brought in during our rough winters here. But until then – all of the gnomes in the garden should be on the look out!



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