Games to Play with Three Friends

Games to Play with Three Friends

Online games are widely represented in the gaming industry and are very popular, especially those projects where you can participate in PVP and fight side by side with friends.

You can always find a game where you are played by 5 people – a group of friends + random players or a full stack. Over time, full-fledged modes appeared for two players, but what about three? Group of friends of three. Let’s analyze the projects that you can play when you are a trio.

Projects worth playing in a threesome with friends:

  • Destiny 2 trials of Osiris
  • CS:GO Cleanup
  • Apex Legends

Destiny 2 trials of Osiris

A cult online MMO RPG in the shooter genre where players choose their class, explore the game lands to get acquainted with key NPCs and find out the reasons for the beginning of the confrontation between people and alien invaders.

The most interesting thing in Destiny 2 is the PVP mode and raids.

Raids are a source of good gear and require exceptional chemistry to keep up with the local boss and his retinue.

Strikes – raids on game zones with bosses living there just for three players. Zones differ in difficulty levels and, accordingly, awards and the quality of equipment and weapons.

Trials of Osiris

PVP mode, where players must, as part of a group of three, confront a similar group and must win a series of matches.

The more matches a group wins in a row, the more valuable the overall reward for all participants. To get unique armor you need 5 wins in a row, for seasonal weapons you need 7 wins in a row.

To have an advantage and help your friends, you can order destiny 2 trials carry – professional players will help your character get 7 victories in a row, and you will be able to equip weapons and armor and make it much easier for your comrades to get the required number of victories in a row.

CS:GO Cleanup

CS GO is one of the most recognizable and popular shooters in the world and the recognizable networking in the theme of confrontation between special forces and terrorists, the unique development of each round and more interesting modes make such a success.

We are interested in three player modes, here is what you can play:

Cleanup – three terrorists (whose role you can take with friends) start immediately at the site and immediately plant a bomb before the start of the round. In 45 seconds, 4 commandos must knock out the plant and defuse the bomb. Weapons are not bought in this mode, but are chosen from the offered cards and can be improved for getting the title of the best player of the round.

Matchmaking – even as a group of three, you can enter the competitive mode and have a key influence, since you will form the backbone of the group. This does not mean that you will come across good and informative teammates, but you and your friends can try to play a key role in the match.

Custom Modes – You can play many modes that come up with the gaming community. Here are maps for passing, in the best traditions of the good old Condition Zero – go to the game map and move forward, destroying all opponents. Enter the search mode 3×3 and view all the custom maps that you can play on. Of course, you will not be able to earn chests and increase your experience, but it will be quite possible to play with friends in a fun way.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a more dynamic take on PUBG, where the player chooses an agent to play as in the battle royale genre.

Battle Royale is a genre in which players parachute onto a huge map with a single knife and must survive against hundreds of other players, find their weapons and ammo, and be the only survivor on the map.

For a company of three players will be something to do. They need to unite in a group and go on a combat sortie.

You will play against the same groups of three players, and you need to correctly select a bunch of characters, here are a few options:

  • Lifelane is a drone master, summons a healing drone that serves as a first aid kit, summons a drone with ammo and uses the drone to reanimate an allay while maintaining combat power and the ability to shoot at opponents.
  • Octane is an armored class that automatically regenerates its health while not in combat.
  • Gibraltar – A huge warrior and shooter who can use protective shields for himself and a separate shield for the group. Uses artillery fire to attack hidden enemy positions.
  • Bloodhunt – excellent at tracking down enemy targets, even well-camouflaged ones.

Always stick to the tactics of the group – someone holds the position, someone collects the booty, and someone covers the common flank. Otherwise, you can run into another group and die stupidly.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on artillery fire zones and keep track of where the map will narrow in order to advance to new positions in a timely manner.


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